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For the One King!

It is a dark time.

The Old Gods have deserted the world.
A new dark pantheon of Gods watch over the earth, feeding on the spoils of war;
the victims and souls of those slain on the wretched battlefields of Chronopia.

Since the Day of Dread nothing has been the same – the past is now but a forgotten dream. Storm clouds mass on all horizons – dark and brooding, shot with blood red,
as the tides of war thunder back and forth across a blistered and broken land.

One man took it upon himself to save his people in a breathtaking and desperate attempt. To conquer the time-streams and be re-born.

To battle with evil when it finally manifests itself upon the world.
High in the Eternal tower of Chronopia,
the One King sits alone –
his mind fathoming the great and expansive time streams, with their countless possibilities. Looking into futures and pasts, he tries to figure a path among the myriad that spring from every point in time. Visions wrecked the One King, nightmares born of doubt.

Had his actions brought about the terrible events he sought to avoid?

What subtleties and nuances must be brought to bear to fashion our
future and our salvation from this Dark Prophecy? “I see Him sometimes in the dark and sinister shadows, from the corners of my vision.
He is not powerful enough yet. However, it will not be long.
He is twisting and worming his way into the very fabric of our reality and existence.”

But now the time is coming.

The world is at a turning point; finely balanced.

United, the mortal races might survive this hell-spawned onslaught –
but divided they will certainly fall.

This is the age of Chronopia.